Thursday, March 12, 2015


Didn't end up getting to see Flower's birth mom before we left...

Our visit with Tinkerbell's birth mom went very well. We had so much fun together. On the last morning Tinkerbell even lost a tooth. I know she was thrilled to share that with her birth mom.

Open adoption can be such a beautiful thing. I'm so glad we were brave enough to say yes and get to share our little one with more people that love her.


POWmom01 said...

I enjoy reading your blog because of your open adoption with Tinkerbell's biomom and the complications with Flower's biomom. We dont have communication with my son's biomom right now but I know we will at some point (she is family). Thanks for sharing your experiences and your beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

How special that Tinkerbell's bio mom got to be there when she lost her tooth. That is a nice memory for all.