Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This is Tinkerbell's last week of school and today was award day. I was so excited when she brought home a note saying she would be receiving an award and couldn't be more proud of our 1st grader. She really has come a very long way this year with her reading and it has been all her hard work that got her there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This little pumpkin continues to amaze me as she grows. She is so full of life and love. She is curious but holds back so much so when I see her do things like climb a tree I'm a little caught off guard because she would never have done that a year ago. But now she's a little more daring and excited to try new things.
She is the best big sister ever. She loves Flower so much and takes care of her. She looks out for her and will defend her almost all the time when they are with friends. They of course fight like sisters too and now how to drive their mama crazy.

She also loves her birth mama so very much. I explained what a bond or connection was to her the other day as I was telling her that they have a special bond that no one can ever break. I told her how I would never try to break the bond that she and her birth mama have together. Wouldn't dream of it. Seeing Flower's bio mom once a month is hard on Tinkerbell. She has started opening up more and sharing her emotions with me more about this recently. It's both exciting and emotional as she grows and understands more and expresses more.

I'm glad that I have had 7 years of loving her and loving her birth mom before these new emotions are coming out. I can see how easily it would be to just want to shut that part of her story out if I weren't secure in not being her only mom. But I'm glad I get to share her. I wish we were closer to be able to share more. And I look forward to the day when Tinkerbell is old enough to spend some time with her over summer vacation without us. Not anytime soon, but someday, when they are both ready.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Birthday Party Take 2

Mama Sun wanted to have a birthday party for Flower. We set aside the Saturday of her actual birthday and waited for more information. She wanted to do it at Chuck E Cheese.

I was as nervous as I normally am with visits. The anxiety leading up to it is far worse then the visits ever are because the visits are normally fine.

We got there and I was glad I recognized a few of the kids hollering Flower's name. Sun's sisters were there and a few family friends and a bunch of kids. They spoiled our girl real good. She loved her special party. 
Playing games with her cousin.
A Frozen themed cake for the birthday girl. She got a cape, crown and bracelet from Chuck E Cheese. They went all out.

She loved the cake so much she wouldn't stop for more pictures with all the kids.

It was stressful but it was so worth it for all the memories of Flower and Sun to have this day together.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Birthday Girl

This little girl is fierce and bold. She is amazing in everything she does even when it's getting in trouble. It's taken me awhile to see her mischievous ways as anything but hard to handle. But lately I've been finding so much joy in who she is. In exactly who she is the way God made her. Gum picking off the bottom of tables and all. I love this little crazy monster (She loves Monsters Inc).

She loves everything! Especially Paddington and Olaf right now. Today was her first ever birthday party with friends. We've celebrated her each year in different ways. But today she had cupcakes and was sung Happy Birthday too. That's all she wanted. The presents were just an extra bonus to her. Love this kid! Happy Birthday Sweet Flower.

My kids favorite part of any party is the cake or cupcakes.
We choose a beautiful nature preserve to do her party at. Has trout ponds and a wading pool for the kids. It is one of new favorite places and so close to home. We love it.