Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Life is pretty quiet these days. Just lots of busy normal life stuff. That is until visit day arrives.
I love having a relationship with my girls bio moms. I really do. But some days I wish we could live an hour away from the one that is much easier to be with.

We had a visit today.

She's trying to earn our trust. She's trying to do the right thing. And I see that and I appreciate it.

Today she asked what we were doing for Flower's birthday. Honestly I'm not sure yet. Tired of the big party thing and have enjoyed family outings the past two years for her birthday. So I'm still deciding. She wanted to know if she and her family could join us. So we're talking about ideas for that which would be nice. She told me that she would like to get to know D and I better. As I drove home I was thinking about that and I reminded that she didn't get to decide who would be her daughter's mom and dad. That loss of control in this situation must be very hard.

We also had a somewhat uncomfortable moment but it warmed my heart so very much today. It was what I needed to hear from my sweet girl.
While on the playground Flower says to Sun "You're not my mommy. You're my Sun." She said the same thing to me later that night "Sun not my mommy. You my mommy."

We have always referred to Sun as Mama Sun out of respect through the foster journey. But it seems that Flower might be trying to take control of her title all on her own. So proud of her. I don't mind her calling her Mama Sun but I love that my girl, at not yet 3, knows what she wants.  She is one of a kind this little one. So proud to be called her mommy.


kate said...

I'm glad she's got things figured out--and is vocal about it. (I also love her new sidebar picture and the top one here. What a little firecracker!)

You can always celebrate twice--once with Sun and her family and then again just the four of you.

Chelsea Anderson said...

It's amazing what these Littles can understand and process! They are much smarter than we realize.