Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Word of the Year

Each year since 2012 I've held on to a word through the year. And I just found this years today so I thought I'd share.

2012 was HOPE
M&L were with us and we waited, prayed and HOPEd that the state would do the right thing. And they did. Then we waited with HOPE for our next placement. And then Flower came home.

2013 was BELIEVE 
Flower left us and everyone around me told me that she'd be back but I couldn't pray that since it meant someone would fail her for her to come back. Then she came back. And we started visits again and life got crazy and scary at times and hard. 2013 ended in exhaustion. But I learned to BELIEVE that God was in control of it all.

2014 was JOY (and still is!) 
As we waited for news of adoption I learned that I needed to cling to JOY. That with JOY fear can not live. This was a complete life change for me. Choosing to live in JOY instead of fear was an unexpected journey of self reflection for me. I am so glad that JOY was able to be the focus of the year we adopted Flower. We ended 2014 with JOY and expectation for the next year.

2015 is ANCHOR 
I am on a 100 day journey of prayer thanks to THIS book. It's been amazing. It's been hard. I have missed days and seen how different those days are then the days I don't miss. Through the 100 day journey I'm focusing my prayers on one specific thing for our family. Many other things come up but this book helps me stay focused and reminds me that continually bringing our request to God is what He wants us to do. But I am in a weary spot. Weary of praying and not receiving an answer yet. I know it will come. I trust that God will answer in His time. But I am human and I am weary. And this morning I read a post on facebook by a prayer warrior friend and in there she said one thing that brought this word to me for this year. This year of faith and waiting.

Prayer anchors us in Gods strength for our battles.

And that is what I need right now. I need God's strength to help continue fighting through this battle we are in of waiting for God's answer. So I will continue praying through my 100 day journey and beyond. And at some point, in His time God will answer.

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This is a great post, Deb. :>