Friday, September 18, 2015

New House - Slow Internet

Hopefully we'll have proper internet up next week.
We are loving our new rental house. The kids love the stairs. The backyard needs work and the owner said they will help after our first winter here. I love the fact that we'll be able to grow some things in the garden. Right now Flower's favorite thing to do is try to lock the dog in the garden.

This is the main bathroom which the girls will share. Love that it was already painted green.

We are loving it here in WA. We have explored a lot within a short drive from home. This will be the first time D has ever lived somewhere with actual seasons and he's enjoying the start of fall very much.


kate said...

cute house! cute bathroom! lots of yard/garden potential AND a willing landlord!

WOW!! Enjoy your lovely new home.

(i'm a little jealous. i'd love to be in wa.)

Nancy said...

Welcome to WA, you're going to LOVE it here (well you might get tired of the rain...) You're going to have many great adventures!

Deb said...

5 years of practically no rain makes me grateful when it does rain... so far. :-)