Thursday, November 5, 2015

Blessings & Prayers

My new job is such an amazing blessing for many reasons. It has given me a new view of foster care.

Of course confidentiality is a big part of my job. But I wanted to share tiny bits as I can that encourage me.

I get to meet foster parents and bio family members from all different walks of life with all different stories.

This job reminds me to pray before you judge because you never know someone's story.

I had a visit with a parent who told me they were thinking about how hard this job must be. I told this parent it had it's moments but that I got the unique privilege of being able to pray for every parent and child I got to work with and for me that is totally worth it. This parent totally understood as this parent had been praying for their child leading up to the visit that day.

It's exhausting and so much fun. And as an added bonus I get my little kid and baby fix which D appreciates.


kate said...

I want to hear more! Maybe on a private blog (hint, hint…) <3

Deb said...

LOL!!! I'll try to post something else (somewhere) very soon. The job is 40+ hours a week at the moment. Last week was 62 scheduled hours (but didn't work that much). So not much spare time.