Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goodbye Visit

Goodbye visit with Mama Sun yesterday. It was emotional, good and draining. It was a roller coaster. Mama Sun says she wants to come see us and we'll gladly welcome a visit if she does. The thought of her moving out there (if she chooses that) does worry me some, not because I don't want Flower to have that connection but because Tinkerbell needs a break from the anxiety and fear it causes her.

Yesterday as we prepared for the visit and took Tinkerbell to a friends house (we leave the choice up to her to come to a visit or not) she expressed her fear. She was afraid that Flower would not return with us. Afraid that Mama Sun would not allow Flower to move with us and she would keep her. I of course reassured her but I know it didn't help much until we got home and they were together again. Had I realized her fear I probably wouldn't have let her stay with a friend and go through that anxiety on her own. But she had a great time and so did Flower.

Flower does great in pretty much any situation. She is outgoing and just a people person. We started our visit at her aunt's home (the one that briefly had custody) and was a little quiet at first. But she got over that quickly. And at the park she was running around playing and having fun being her independent adventurous self.

She loves her Mama Sun. She gives her hugs and kisses and talks with her constantly. On the drive over (1 hour drive) she said that Mama Sun was going to miss her and be sad. So I know she's starting to realize that we are moving and not going to see her. It's hard knowing what she truly understands at 3 but she is a very smart girl.


kate said...

I'm glad you had a GOODbye visit. :)

kate said...

I like Tink's seven (!!)-year-old picture in the sidebar. :)

kate said...

Did you say goodbye to the girls? (I can't remember their blog names…maybe it's on your other blog?)

Deb said...

We say goodbye to M&L on Friday night.