Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This little pumpkin continues to amaze me as she grows. She is so full of life and love. She is curious but holds back so much so when I see her do things like climb a tree I'm a little caught off guard because she would never have done that a year ago. But now she's a little more daring and excited to try new things.
She is the best big sister ever. She loves Flower so much and takes care of her. She looks out for her and will defend her almost all the time when they are with friends. They of course fight like sisters too and now how to drive their mama crazy.

She also loves her birth mama so very much. I explained what a bond or connection was to her the other day as I was telling her that they have a special bond that no one can ever break. I told her how I would never try to break the bond that she and her birth mama have together. Wouldn't dream of it. Seeing Flower's bio mom once a month is hard on Tinkerbell. She has started opening up more and sharing her emotions with me more about this recently. It's both exciting and emotional as she grows and understands more and expresses more.

I'm glad that I have had 7 years of loving her and loving her birth mom before these new emotions are coming out. I can see how easily it would be to just want to shut that part of her story out if I weren't secure in not being her only mom. But I'm glad I get to share her. I wish we were closer to be able to share more. And I look forward to the day when Tinkerbell is old enough to spend some time with her over summer vacation without us. Not anytime soon, but someday, when they are both ready.


kate said...

(commenting because I know you moderate)

maybe in the future you will live closer to M.

Deb said...

We would love that! Especially Tink.