Monday, June 15, 2015

Birthday Party Take 2

Mama Sun wanted to have a birthday party for Flower. We set aside the Saturday of her actual birthday and waited for more information. She wanted to do it at Chuck E Cheese.

I was as nervous as I normally am with visits. The anxiety leading up to it is far worse then the visits ever are because the visits are normally fine.

We got there and I was glad I recognized a few of the kids hollering Flower's name. Sun's sisters were there and a few family friends and a bunch of kids. They spoiled our girl real good. She loved her special party. 
Playing games with her cousin.
A Frozen themed cake for the birthday girl. She got a cape, crown and bracelet from Chuck E Cheese. They went all out.

She loved the cake so much she wouldn't stop for more pictures with all the kids.

It was stressful but it was so worth it for all the memories of Flower and Sun to have this day together.

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kate said...

Wow! That was a biiiiiig party.