Saturday, June 6, 2015

Birthday Girl

This little girl is fierce and bold. She is amazing in everything she does even when it's getting in trouble. It's taken me awhile to see her mischievous ways as anything but hard to handle. But lately I've been finding so much joy in who she is. In exactly who she is the way God made her. Gum picking off the bottom of tables and all. I love this little crazy monster (She loves Monsters Inc).

She loves everything! Especially Paddington and Olaf right now. Today was her first ever birthday party with friends. We've celebrated her each year in different ways. But today she had cupcakes and was sung Happy Birthday too. That's all she wanted. The presents were just an extra bonus to her. Love this kid! Happy Birthday Sweet Flower.

My kids favorite part of any party is the cake or cupcakes.
We choose a beautiful nature preserve to do her party at. Has trout ponds and a wading pool for the kids. It is one of new favorite places and so close to home. We love it.

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kate said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little "monster" bear! I'm so glad she was born. <3